life is simple

but we insist
on making it

At ThreeNine we believe in simplicity, we understand that there are many variables to attain success and therefor we always manage expectations.
Though attaining 100% would be perfect, we don’t believe in perfection, as there is always room for improvement.
So we strive for 99.9%.

Though it is not simple to explain why things are made complicated, the short answer is: Complexity Bias.
This innate bias within us accepts something complex as being more credible than a simple solution, most frequently as the simple solution is viewed as something that will not work.

Within business there are times that simplicity is not acceptable—when one needs to explain why the quarterly target will not be reached—and one will need to peel the onion to show all the layers beneath.
So how will you show the layers of the onion? Peel each one by one off, or use a knife to slice the onion through the middle and just count the layers?

commercial, intelligence, sales managementDuring 14 years I worked for the Gibson Guitar Corporation in several capacities: from Regional Sales Manager, to Director of Sales Europe, and finally as  Vice President Europe. Originally my main concerns were implementing a completely new sales strategy and structure, expanding the direct territory. After a while my focus shifted to the lack of tools available to the Sales staff and started working on Commercial Intelligence which became a global standard for the organization. Prior to that I spend 10+ years in predominantly sales related positions in the IT/Financial/Hospitality sector.